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    Make Up Classes Policy

    📅 24-Hour Notice:

    If you are unable to attend your scheduled class, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance. This helps us organize our classes efficiently and ensures that make-up sessions are available when needed.

    🎁 Make-Up Class Quota:

    For every package of 10 classes you purchase, we offer 2 make-up classes. This ensures that, in case of unexpected events, you still get the full value of your package.

    ⚠️ Missed Classes Without Notice:

    If you book a class and miss it without giving notice, and if the class hasn’t been paid for, we will still need to charge for that session. This is because an extra teacher may have already been assigned to accommodate the class, and we want to respect their time and commitment.

    🚫 No Credit Redemptions:

    Please remember, make-up classes cannot be converted into credits for the next term. They are primarily designed to help you catch up on missed content.

    🌟 Redemption Period:

    Make-up classes can be scheduled during school holidays or as add-on sessions during the regular school term.


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