Term 4 of 2020 Begins!

October 18, 2020

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Thank you for joining us for 2020 term 4. This term we will focus on “habits”.

Habits Theme

In our “habits” theme we will learn

  1. brushing teeth
  2. washing hands
  3. sleeping routine
  4. healthy eating

Movement Words

In our movement words collection, we will learn:

  1. stick and throw
  2. push and pull
  3. pick up and put on
  4. catch and hold

Book Reading

This term’s book reading we will read the book “what is in the wardrobe”. In this book, we will review all the clothes words from the last term and learn the phrase:

“Clothes in the wardrobe”.

We have this video to help your child to remember it at home:

Please don’t worry about that in the video the book is tiny. It is to protect our copyright. Your child will read this book close up in AMEA. At home, you just need to encourage your child to read after teacher Jo.

Writing Practice

In this term’s writing practice, we will keep learning our stage 1 words. If you don’t have the stage 1 list, please ask us for the hard copy.

Habits Stories

We also have two habits stories would like to share with you here:

And here:

Please subscribe to our youtube channel as we have a lot of learning materials online for you to practice Mandarin at home with your children. We suggest at least 5 mins a day.

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End of Term 3 Letter 2020

End of Term 3 Letter 2020

Thank you for being with us for this term. The last day of teaching for this term is 26.9.2020. October school holiday we will have eight full days of intensive holiday camps



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