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    Summer Holiday Class January 2022

    November 27, 2021

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    2021 term 4 in-person class ends on 13/12/2021.

    We do offer 14/12/2021 and 21/12/2021 extra in-person classes if you need them before busy Christmas. Please let us know.

    School holiday in-person class for January dates are:

    4/1/2022 to 25/1/2022.

    Monday to Friday. Bookings are open now.

    January 2022 school holiday in-person camp

    We will have Sixteen full days of intensive holiday classes.

    Please see the details below:

    When:​ 4th of January 2022 to 25th of January 2022

    Monday to Friday (No Saturdays)


    Option A: 9:30am – 12:30pm,

    Option B: 9am-3pm,

    Option C: 3pm-5pm

    Cost:​ ​ ​(please note prices have changed)

    2 days or more enrolment:

    Option A: $69, Option B: $140, Option C: $30


    Option A: $89, Option B: $170, Option C: $40Note: Options A, B and C can be combined in any way. Eg: A+C, B+C

    Class Structure:

    9-9:30 for children who are available for option B or option B+C family.
    9:30 am – 12:30 pm: There will be a three-hour play class, which will include morning tea. Like in term classes.
    12:30pm – 1:30pm: Lunch break. Students are to bring their own lunches from home. NO NUTS PLEASE.
    1:30pm – 2pm: Rest and quiet reading time.
    2 pm – 3 pm: Making Food! (Our most popular program ever!!)
    3 pm – 5 pm: Free play. The teacher will interact with the kids; however, there will be no structured teaching.

    The online classes are available as usual.

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