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    Dear Parents,

    Due to the restriction from the government and our concern about everyone’s health, our drop off and Pick up routine is changing.

    Drop off:

    Only the children are allowed to enter AMEA and only via the front door. If your child is sick or has any symptoms, please keep him/her at home and we will organize a make-up class for you once the child feels better.

    Pick up:

    Parents are asked to please wait outside AMEA. We will get your child ready and send them out for you.

    For trial parents and children who have special needs:

    If you come for a trial or your child needs you to stay at AMEA, please wear a mask at all times. We ask that only one parent stay to accompany the child. You will not be allowed to wait inside AMEA when your child’s class is finished.


    These rules may be subject to checks and enforcement by authorities. If you fail to practice the rules, it may result in fines for you as an individual and/or AMEA as a business. We are sorry for the inconvenience and very much appreciate your understanding,