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    Bilingual Mandarin Classes

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    the AMEA bilingual curriculum

    To cater to more children’s Mandarin language needs, we also have classes taught in a mix of English and Mandarin. Some subjects are hard for children to understand just by gestures and non-linguistic communication alone. However, we still want kids to learn those great knowledge and skills.

    AMEA best mandarin class for kids in sydney

    Drawing & Painting Class – $65 or 10x Class $500

    Our Bilingual Art class is provided by Amea’s Principal Jo. Jo has 20 years of experience of teaching, deeply loved by her students and parents. Her variety and creation of teaching method made every student learning from fun. She painted for over 20 years, sold many paintings over the years.


    1 hour Class Times:

    4:30-5:30 drawing basic : Lines
    3:15-4:15 drawing basic: Lines

    Activities include:

    • Famous painting introduction.
    • Colour knowledge.
    • Basic Watercolour painting knowledge.


    Key Skills Learned:

    • Lines and shadow practice.
    • Decorative drawing and painting.
    Movement and Gymnastics

    Dance Class – $50 or 10x Class $400

    Our Bilingual Dance class is provided by RoyalDance.

    They have Sydney’s leading Professional Latin American dancers. National & International Champions. Royal Dance supports students technically to enjoy basic Chinese traditional Dance and Latin American Dancing from age 3-12 years old.

    Our teachers are genius at holding the attention of young children.The program is so clever, with lots of imagery, props, little rhymes and games that teach the fundamentals of & dance.

    The project is designed to let children learn through a liberate but structured dance and play scenario in a dynamic of feeling the vibe when hearing the music and reacting with physical movement,advancing their mobility and recognition. These qualities will develop some parts of one individual’s confidence and identity.


    1 hour Class Times:

    Monday 3:30-4:30 dancing basic
    Thursday 4:15-5:15 parent and kid K-pop.

    Activities include:

    • ballet movement and body correction class
    • Chinese dancing
    • K-Pop


    Key Skills Learned:

    • Mandarin sentence practice and understanding
    • Coordination skills
    • Body posture and correction
    Blinigual Go Class

    Bilingual Go Class – $60 or 10x Class $450

    Our Bilingual Go class is provided by Dr Liu who has a PHD in Automation and a Go Rank 5 Dan.

    Go is competitive chess popular in China, Japan, Korea and other nationalities. Children‘s playing Go can improve their Go skills and also improve their learning ability, calm thinking, strategic vision, analytical ability, endurance, concentration, confidence, sense of honor, as well as Chinese culture and etiquette.



    1 hour Class Times
    Wednesdays Only:

    3:40-4:40 PM Go Basic

    Activities include: 

    • Introduction to the game of Go
    • Go play basics

    Key Skills Learned:

    • Concentration
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Analytical Ability
    Blingual Piano Class

    Bilingual Piano Class – $80 or 10x Class $600

    Our Bilingual Piano class is provided by Amea’s teacher Emily.

    Emily has been a vocal and Piano teacher for over 5 years. She has professional Piano level 10. Children adore her teaching method and love to play with her. Her piano class is fun and knowledgeable. Small class size also makes the class more effective.




    1 hour Class Times
    Wednesdays Only:

    5:00 – 6:00 PM Piano Basic

    Activities include:

    • Introduction to basic piano
    • Music appreciation

    Key Skills Learned:

    • Concentration
    • Understanding of Music

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    What Our Families are Saying

    “My 4-year-old loves coming to Mandarin lessons and has learned a lot in a short space of time!”

    “My daughter looks forward to every class, especially the crafts she gets to bring home”

    “My 2 year old could not speak any Mandarin but after only 5 lessons she is already singing songs and saying words in Mandarin”

    The best Mandarin Class for kids in Sydney

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