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    Teacher Jo and her children have a family tradition of doing a charity sale before Christmas every year. She and the kids will think about something to sell and donate the profit to a chosen charity.

    As this year has been tough for so many people, AMEA would like to invite all of you to join Ms Jo & AMEA staff for a Christmas Charity Market at our Alexandria Campus on Botany Road.

    On the 20th of December, we will set up stalls in our Alexandria Campus and invite some of your children to take charge of some of the stalls and try to sell to the public.

    All the things we sell will come from your generous donations, so we’re looking for something like stationery, books, toys, clothes, clothing accessories, arts and home decorations.

    New COVID-Safe conditions will be implemented as a COVID precaution. We don’t want to present any kind of health risk.

    Your children can run a stall if you have donated. On the day, the AMEA teachers will be in the classrooms to help the children sell. It should be noted that stall numbers will be limited and we suggest that you book early to avoid disappointment.

    We will also put an advertisement on social media so we will have people come from the general public to buy things from your children.

    We will encourage children to try to sell things in Mandarin to Mandarin-speaking people. We believe this to be a fantastic opportunity for children to use the language in a real-life circumstance.

    We regret to let you know that the age limit for this event must be limited to 3.5+.

    We also would like to hear your choice of the designated charity since all the profit that day will go to Charity. Please email us or let us know next time you come to AMEA.

    Donations and ideas are open now. Please bring us anything you think will sell and donations will close on the 12th of December.

    Thank you very much for your help.