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    AMEA is now a Creative Kids Provider

    December 2, 2020

    from AMEA news


    AMEA is excited to announce that we are now an official NSW Government Creative Kids provider!

    The government of New South Wales set up the Creative Kids scheme to make it easier for school-aged kids (4.5-18 years old) to get involved in creative and cultural activities. It is a great opportunity for kids to try new things, learn new skills and broaden their experience.

    The program allows parents, guardians and carers to claim an AU$100 voucher per year to help with the cost of lessons and fees with registered providers, and that now includes the Australia Mandarin Education Academy – who are soon to open their brand new facility in Chatwood.

    Once claimed, you can still redeem your $100 Creative Kids Voucher with us for the current term’s school fee with the following details:

    • Full name on the voucher
    • Voucher number
    • Date of Birth

    If you have already made the full payment and still want to redeem the voucher with us, please contact us directly to make an arrangement.

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