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    Attention Parents Considering
    Teaching Your Child Mandarin!

    Discover the Magic of Mandarin at AMEA! Our I.S.B.L™ program makes learning a lot of fun. Our classes are small, but we have big adventures—arts, dance, math, and more. Our methods are joyful. Kids will feel they are playing, understanding different cultures, and learning to speak in Mandarin confidently. Join AMEA, where learning is an exciting journey for kids.

    Siblings Learn Together, Save Together!

    Sweeten family learning! Enrol siblings at AMEA for special discounts. More siblings, more savings, and more shared adventures await!

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    Class TypeTerm PriceCasual Price
    One Hour ClassAU$395+GST for 10 x 1hr classes (AU$39.50+GST per class)AU$45+GST for drop-in casual 1hr class
    Two Hour ClassAU$590+GST for 10 x 2hr classes (AU$59+GST per class)AU$79 for casual 2hr class package (2 x 1hr class)
    Three Hour ClassAU$690+GST for 10 x 3hr classes (AU$69+GST per class)AU$89+GST for casual 3hr class package (3 x 1hr class)
    Six Hour DayAU$1400+GST for 10 x 6-hour day. (AU$140+GST per day)AU$170+GST for drop-in casual 6-hour day class (9am - 3:30pm)
    Full-Day ClassAU$1700+GST for 10 x all-day (AU$170+GST per day)AU$200+GST for drop-in casual one day class (9am - 5:30pm)
    Baby ClassAU$250+GST for 10 x 30min classes. (AU$25+GST per class)AU$29+GST for casual baby class (1 x 30min class)
    Online ClassAU$280+GST for 10 x 30min classes. (AU$28+GST per class)AU$30+GST for casual one-off class (30mins)
    Note: For 10 week term classes, each child will have 2 make-up classes. We do require at least 24 hours notice to be granted the make-up classes. Baby classes not included.

    Exciting Adventures That Kept AMEA Kids Smiling!

    Logical Thinking

    Ignite young minds! Explore puzzles enhancing critical reasoning in Mandarin for an elevated brainpower boost and language learning.


    Numbers come alive! Mandarin-led hands-on learning builds a strong foundation in an engaging, interactive way.


    Unleash creativity! Join the rhythm, express movement, and cultivate coordination in our vibrant dance sessions.

    Arts and Craft

    Dive into a world of colors, textures, and imagination. Our engaging arts and crafts program fosters creativity, self-expression, and fine motor skills.


    Build physical prowess! Enjoy Mandarin-led gymnastics for strength, flexibility, and language mastery in a supportive environment.

    Science Experiments

    Ignite curiosity! Explore the exciting world of robotics through hands-on activities that spark innovation.

    What Families Love About AMEA?

    Happy Parents

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why choose AMEA over another Mandarin class?

    Your children can learn Mandarin, Logical Thinking and Maths, Dancing, Watercolour painting, Chemistry, Gymnastics and Movement, Robot Making and much more all in one place.

    My children are native Mandarin speakers already, why should we come to AMEA?

    We are a school to teach children to use Mandarin as a tool to learn other supplementary skills like in the school in China. We speak Mandarin but we also need to learn many other skills in Mandarin.

    At what age should my child start to learn Mandarin?

    An infant’s brain has as a gift that can recognise 800 sounds from any language from birth. Mandarin is a tone language. Let the children start to learn Mandarin early to avoid the loss of the ability to recognise the sounds.

    If the teacher only speaks Mandarin in class, how will my child understand the teacher?

    Communication is the act of conveying meaning from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs, symbols, and semiotic rules.







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