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    About AMEA

    what makes the Australia Mandarin Education Academy

    the best Mandarin classes for Kids in Sydney?

    We are a Mandarin language school established in 2008 formerly known as the Mandarin mandarin Bilingual Centre.

    In 2019 we became the Australia Mandarin Education Academy to provide a more structured and fun environment for children who are interested to learn Mandarin as a second language.

    We use an immersive education method to teach children to use the Mandarin language not just learn it. 90% of the time our teachers will speak only Mandarin to children during all the classes and activities.

    We encourage children learn Mandarin in context, using Mandarin to learn drawing, dancing, Mathematics and so on.

    Through different subjects children can not only learn Mandarin in-depth, in context but also can use Mandarin as a tool to learn more skills.

    What is so special about AMEA?

    Small Class Size Guaranteed

    Maximum 6 children per class to ensure every child gets maximum attention from the teacher.

    Also, as every child is their own individual, 6 children per class allows our teachers to tailor the way of teaching to each child’s different learning needs.


    Immersive Situational Based Learning

    I.S.B.L™ is a program developed based on project learning, problem based learning. Through over 10 years practice and research, our program designer found the best way for children to learn a second language is to let them use the language from the beginning.


    Obvious Learning Outcomes

    Through I.S.B.L™ children actually enjoy learning and actively participate the repeating process. Without boring sit tight and repeat mode but use the language in a real structured environment, they improve their Mandarin skill much faster.They are learning through games and actually using the language.

    Professional Teachers

    We do not hire just people who can speak Mandarin. Our teachers are Professional teacher from Mainland China with national Mandarin certificate.

    Our Program

    AMEA’s I.S.B.L™ program ( Immersive situational based learning) which was created in 2008, it was inspired by project learning. It is a combined immersive language teaching method and problem-solving based learning. Through over 10 years first line working with children learning a second language. Gradually formed and improved an effect and fun program for young children naturally acquire a second language in a non-mother-tongue environment. 

    In AMEA we created all different situations for children to encourage them to use Mandarin to solve problems, to finish a task,  to work and communicating with others, to have fun with. 

    We all know in the future where our children will be, the difficult bit is not find information. The hard part for them is how to use the information. The Internet has made learning dramatically different from before. We are no longer required to remember all the knowledge since accessing that knowledge online is fairly easy.  However, to know what may be the problem, to know what information to look for, to organise and accomplish the task based on the information you found and to know who to get help from and how to work and communicate with people who can help you is the real challenge for the future generation. 

    We proudly provide you and your children with I.S.B.L™ to help your children build up the base of all learning. To help them learn how to learn. So in the unknown future, they will be ready for any challenge thrown at them.

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    Please Note: A free trial class can only be a 1-hour class or a Baby Class - not a 3-hour class.

    Come And Visit Us

    We have a brand new purpose-built facility on Botany Rd, Alexandria just south of Sydney CBD or as of January 2021 in the heart of Chatswood.


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